Sunday, September 18, 2011


I'm not sure where my sudden obsession with socks came from, but it's here, full on. After a long, very, very hot summer of knitting, well, not much... mostly washcloths, I am back in the knitting move big time!!! It started when I rediscovered a book I got a while back, Toe-Up Two-at-a-Time Socks. My feelings about the book and the method are mixed. It's a super cool method, but I doubt I'll knit many socks that way. And the book is VERY descriptive. Maybe too much so. Several times I have wondered how dumb the author thinks I am! I've actually had more trouble wading thru the stuff I don't really need to know than figuring out what I DO need to know. So with some help from my friend Amy at The Yellow Sweater in Buda I got started. And did a pretty nice job, if I do say so myself! And then stopped. I'll pick it back up. Promise. But I wanted to just make socks. So....

I made these! And I LOVE them. They are a tad tight, which I prefer to a tad loose. I'll add a row or two if I make another pair from this yarn. I have two more skeins so I may. I like the yarn just fine. Pretty well actually. It's just that it's Knit Picks Felici Sport which is only available on their website and I'm trying VERY HARD to buy locally as much as I can. (I've even cut back on my Target shopping, can you believe....!)

And then I started these, yoga socks, which are so cool! I'm so proud! I modified a pattern, left off the heel turn and the toe, and added a bit of ribbing at the toe end. I'm working on the second now. I love these colors and the yarn knits up just fine but I HATE working with it. It's the Hobby Lobby brand sock yarn, one I bought on clearance a million years ago, and I'm not even going to hunt down a link cause it's such a pain. 

So there ya go, socks. Lots of fun here! I should have more for you soon!!

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