Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine's Day prep and a mystery

  It was one of those, rare, unexpected, productive days. The little one was sick over the weekend so we skipped her dance class today and spent our entire day in the house. So much got done - dishes, dinner, laundry, and of course a little crafty-ness.

These hearts will turn in to H's Valentine's. Since she's technically in 2 classes we are actually making double. I have a small blister from all this cutting... H's contribution to this step was to volunteer to take 3 of the hearts I cut out and draw on them, play with them, and give them to her babies. Stay tuned to see what they become.

And this, um, this thing, this centipede fish type thing is my mystery project. My best guess is that it will be some sort of wrap - scarf, shawl, I'm not sure. However, it is indeed a mystery. Every week for a month we get a clue, so it may be a while till I know what it is. If you are interested the group is on Ravelry.

That's it for today. The other project I worked on today is my first Christmas 2011 gift, so I probably shouldn't post it, just in case anyone's looking!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Showing off

I challenged myself last year to make as many of my Christmas gifts as possible. It went well, although I wish I'd started earlier and planned better. Below is a variety of projects from this past year, many of them Christmas gifts. Hopefully this year I can continue this tradition and expand it.

Christian's Christmas socks, using my foot to model hence the somewhat odd shape.

Baby booties!

Brian's Christmas mitts

My slippers - the plan is an average of one item a month for me and this is December 2010.

Shopping bags for Camille

bags rolled for storage

Mitts for Olga's son

Grace's Christmas Hello Kitty doll.

Taryn's Christmas socks

My mitts - November 2010

My shopping bag - October 2010

My bag folded - I moved the ties on the ones I made later and think they worked much better.

Grace's Hello Kitty hat. There were 4 or 5 different color bows that could clip on.

"Elsie Blue", Hannah's bird

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Testing, testing, 1 2 3

Well, this is about the, oh, 10th blog I've made. There's always some issue that comes up, but maybe I can keep this one going. I miss blogging.

My plan here is to keep up with my creative endeavors. I'm not limiting this to any certain thing, I'll include knitting, sewing, art, photography, gardening, cooking, teaching, parenting, and anything else that jumps in. Hopefully someone other than me will appreciate this, but the point is for me so here we go.