Sunday, February 5, 2012

Yummy Dip

I made my own chips tonight (sliced sweet potato, beets, turnips covered in a little olive oil and salt and baked). The sweet potatoes were amazing, the beets were good, the turnips were a big flop, and the dip I made up at the last minute because I left the one I bought at HEB was out of this world!

OK, out of this world may be an exaggeration, but for something I made up on a whim it was awesome! I didn't really measure, so here's my best guestement.

* 4 tbsp plain yogurt
* 1 1/2 small avacados (cause that's all I had. I think more would have been great)
* 1/4 large red bell pepper
* 2 green onions
* sprinkle of salt

I would have liked a little lemon juice but I didn't have any. I threw everything in the blender till smooth and dug in. It was best with the veggie chips but I ate a little on tortilla chips and that was really good too. I also tried some on carrots and that was good, but not really special.

When I make it again I'll measure better and post an update.