Sunday, September 25, 2011

Kid stuff: C is for Cat!

I love this project. The children really showed their personalities and how the think in this one. Each child was given an orange sheet of paper with a circle on it, a rectangle of black paper, a rectangle of pink paper, scissors, glue, a black marker, and googly eyes and told to make a cat. Check out these three very different cats!

My favorite! Shh, don't tell, I'm not supposed to have favorites!

Saturday, September 24, 2011


 Yoga is the big new thing in our house. Hannah is very excited to be able to exercise with me and has several favorite poses. Personally, one of my favorite aspects of yoga is not having to wear shoes. However, I have been a little concerned about how I'd do yoga in the winter, considering that my feet are cold so often. So.....

Yoga socks!!!!

I just made my favorite pattern and left off the heel turning and toe. I had to bind off and then cast on to make the heel hole and I added 5 rows of ribbing by my toes. I think they turned out rather nice!

I love the colors, but the yarn, ICK! It knit up fine, a comfy sock. But it was no bueno to work with. Lots of unraveling and poofing up. So I do NOT recommend Hobby Lobby brand Walk Away sock yarn... and I have a ton of it.....

Friday, September 23, 2011


The experiment: for one week I collected everything out of Hannah's pockets and saved it in a cup. At the end of the week I photographed this. Keep in mind that this includes 3 days of no pockets! That's mostly rocks, a couple of pinto beans (uncooked!), a penny, a charm from a necklace, in the top left is a piece of plastic tubing, and in the top right is a little ball of wool from the floor of the knitting store. And although the week is over and I have no photo, I will let you know that today's treasures included a pecan, tiny pieces of paper, and a feather. Love this little scientist!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Busy busy busy!

I've gotten into the bag making frenzy. That's eight almost finished bags up there. I could do a LOT of shopping with eight bags!!!

And in other news, Hannah has a new love - the Pinkalicious books. She reads them all the time. I think we both have Pinkalicious and Purplicious memorized!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


I've been doing a bit of sewing and some of it is for Christmas, so ya don't get to see yet. But I did make three fabulous bags that I can share. Well, I can share two because I forgot to take a picture of the third before it was gifted. Maybe Amy will send me a picture?!?

I'm thinking of making up a bunch of these to sell before Christmas. They are intended as foldable shopping bags, roll up to fit nicely in a purse or car glove box. Any thoughts?

Mr Clown

 Mr Clown is the mascot of Hannah's kindergarten class, the Marchese Clowns. (Be sure to check out the blog too!) Last weekend Mr Clown got to come home with Hannah. Our assignment was to have adventures with Mr Clown and record them in his journal, which came home with him. He also had three books and a toothbrush, because you know bed time stories and dental health are very important!!

First off we made a stop at the Yellow Sweater. Hannah wanted to buy yarn for her annual winter hat. Mr Clown helped check out the options.

We chose this lovely combination that we are both very excited about. It will be knit with two strands held together.

On Saturday Mr Clown attended a birthday party for Hannah's friend Vivienne (center). There was a pinata, cake, playground, and lots of friends.

This lovely gem was taken Sunday morning at Namah and Pawpaw's house. I cropped it, but don't worry, I kept the full original just in case it needs to make an appearance in 10 or 15 years! Mr Clown had to do EVERYTHING Hannah did, including potty. 

So naturally, since Hannah needed a hat, so did Mr Clown!

 Sorry for the low quality pictures, all were taken with my camera phone. We loved having Mr Clown for the weekend and hope he comes to visit again soon!!


I'm not sure where my sudden obsession with socks came from, but it's here, full on. After a long, very, very hot summer of knitting, well, not much... mostly washcloths, I am back in the knitting move big time!!! It started when I rediscovered a book I got a while back, Toe-Up Two-at-a-Time Socks. My feelings about the book and the method are mixed. It's a super cool method, but I doubt I'll knit many socks that way. And the book is VERY descriptive. Maybe too much so. Several times I have wondered how dumb the author thinks I am! I've actually had more trouble wading thru the stuff I don't really need to know than figuring out what I DO need to know. So with some help from my friend Amy at The Yellow Sweater in Buda I got started. And did a pretty nice job, if I do say so myself! And then stopped. I'll pick it back up. Promise. But I wanted to just make socks. So....

I made these! And I LOVE them. They are a tad tight, which I prefer to a tad loose. I'll add a row or two if I make another pair from this yarn. I have two more skeins so I may. I like the yarn just fine. Pretty well actually. It's just that it's Knit Picks Felici Sport which is only available on their website and I'm trying VERY HARD to buy locally as much as I can. (I've even cut back on my Target shopping, can you believe....!)

And then I started these, yoga socks, which are so cool! I'm so proud! I modified a pattern, left off the heel turn and the toe, and added a bit of ribbing at the toe end. I'm working on the second now. I love these colors and the yarn knits up just fine but I HATE working with it. It's the Hobby Lobby brand sock yarn, one I bought on clearance a million years ago, and I'm not even going to hunt down a link cause it's such a pain. 

So there ya go, socks. Lots of fun here! I should have more for you soon!!