Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mr Clown

 Mr Clown is the mascot of Hannah's kindergarten class, the Marchese Clowns. (Be sure to check out the blog too!) Last weekend Mr Clown got to come home with Hannah. Our assignment was to have adventures with Mr Clown and record them in his journal, which came home with him. He also had three books and a toothbrush, because you know bed time stories and dental health are very important!!

First off we made a stop at the Yellow Sweater. Hannah wanted to buy yarn for her annual winter hat. Mr Clown helped check out the options.

We chose this lovely combination that we are both very excited about. It will be knit with two strands held together.

On Saturday Mr Clown attended a birthday party for Hannah's friend Vivienne (center). There was a pinata, cake, playground, and lots of friends.

This lovely gem was taken Sunday morning at Namah and Pawpaw's house. I cropped it, but don't worry, I kept the full original just in case it needs to make an appearance in 10 or 15 years! Mr Clown had to do EVERYTHING Hannah did, including potty. 

So naturally, since Hannah needed a hat, so did Mr Clown!

 Sorry for the low quality pictures, all were taken with my camera phone. We loved having Mr Clown for the weekend and hope he comes to visit again soon!!

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