Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas revisited

 Man it's been hard not to show anything. I had to just quit blogging for a while so I wouldn't give something away accidentally. This is by no means everything, but here are some of the Christmas gifts I made this year....

Brian's hat, by request

Slippers for Mom

This one was actually a birthday gift for my coworker Tia

Ah, no head dummy thingy big enough. This welding cap was for Mike. I made another for him, plus 3 for Christian.

I made several of these little boy hats...

Leg warmers and a swirl hat for Christian's cousin's baby, Audrey. I need a picture of her wearing them - she's a fabulous little model!

Swirl hats!!!

Headband for another of Christian's cousin's daughter - McKenzi

And that's it for tonight cause I'm sure I'm losing you by now!

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